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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a Wild Week!

It all started late Friday...

I was notified by the "Accommodations for students with Disabilities" office that they found a Video Remote Interpreter (VRI) service for me in my classes. I would need to setup Skype and a webcam on a laptop.

I have a "hand me down" laptop that my folks brought down over the Christmas holidays. I loaded Skype on with no problems. But then fought the computer for 4 hours trying to get it to install a webcam!
At the same time, our desktop computer's hard drive FRIED! Randy and I gave up, shut everything down and went to bed.

Saturday morning, I couldn't get the laptop to even start! Kept reporting "Fan error" Okay my folks warned me about this, but didn't think it was THAT bad. So, Randy and my son went all the way to Joplin (35 minutes one way) to get a new laptop and a new hard drive. The people at Walmart assured my husband "yes yes this computer has built-in webcam and everything".

They arrive home early afternoon and gave me the laptop. I opened it up and lo and behold! NO WEBCAM! *sigh* So Randy goes back to Joplin again, gets the first laptop credited back, goes and gets the "better" model, then the Credit Card was denied! He drives home without it. "Did you pay our Credit Card" "Yeah" "Are we overdrawn?" "No, nowhere near the limit". He calls the Credit Card company and finds out it was just a security block "Two purchases of laptops were made in 2 hours, it looked suspicious". He explained what happened and they said "Ok, no problem".

By now, Randy's tired and cranky (LOL), I told him to just sit and have some pizza and watch Football for a while (Wouldn't that calm a guy down?)

After Randy felt better, he drove back to Joplin again, got the laptop without problems, and got home about 9pm.

Fast Forward to Monday....

Monday morning, my first class is at 8am, I knew going in that there wouldn't be any interpreter services as I couldn't do an equipment check with VRI services. There were only 4 students in the class and the teacher sat at desks with us. I could follow along pretty well, luckily.

After arriving home, I contacted the VRI service, did the equipment test and everything. Works great! They said will send in the paperwork to the school to be processed and should be ready for the next class.

Tuesday, my first class was 9:30. I sat there, waiting for VRI to come on-line, but nothing! I excused myself from the class and went to the Business Office to locate the "Accommodations" office. On the way there, it hit me! I forgot to access the school's Wi-Fi internet first! So I found a bench and set up the computer, found the wi-fi, but dang! I needed a password key! I go to the "Info" booth and ask. "Upstairs in Computer labs will give you one". So I climb up the stairs to 2nd floor and got the password key. Then decided I might as well go to the Cafeteria and set everything up and test it before next class at 11. In the Cafeteria, I access the wi-fi, got it all working okay, Whew! Should be ready for class now!

On the way to the next class, my cane got stuck in some snow on the side of sidewalk. I gave it a little tug and then *snap* WTH?? I looked at my cane and the tip is GONE! "Oh greeeat!" I bend down and feel around in the snow for the tip, find it and put it in my pocket. I can't rix it now as the elastic has loosened and fallen out of the first "joint" of the cane! I gingerly make my way to class, set up the laptop, call VRI. The interpreter says "You're not my appointment." She contacts the sales office while I waited. Turns out the school hasn't turned in the paperwork so no interpreter! Again, I excuse myself from the classroom and look for the "Accommodation" office. It's in another building and on the 3rd floor. Getting there I couldn't find the elevator, soooo up 3 flights of stairs I go! Only to find out the Director won't be in until after 2!

So, I trudge my way back to the Business Office to wait for my ride home.

After arriving home, I contacted the Director by e-mail to find out what's going on as well as e-mail my instructors and explain the situation. Turns out the Director did turn in the paper work but is waiting for the "higher ups" in the College to approve it! ARGH!

I'd love to stick those "Higher Ups" in a classroom full of Deaf students with an instructor only teaching in ASL and see how THEY keep up?!

So, instead of a Computer Class and History Class today, I got an Aerobics Class!! I'm gonna go rest my tired feet and aching shoulders.

"When it rains, it pours!"


Dianrez said...

Excellent illustration of Murphy's Law, right? Congrats on successfully pulling together the loose ends that others keep dropping and making it work...things are easier from now on. You go, girl!

Dianna said...

You rock for not giving up!